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One-hour one-to-one online Zoom mentoring sessions

Date & Time Weekdays, 9-5pm, arranged to suit
Price £60


E-mail me if you’d like to book a session.

About these mentoring sessions


Whilst my photography workshops are based upon foundations of thinking, seeing and doing to improve the general abilities and outcomes for many, mentoring is a teaching model that is flipped around to put the focus squarely on you. My experience spans 25 years spent in book publishing, design and photography, specialising mostly in the food and hospitality space. Whether you are an aspiring photographer, want-to-be food writer or a creative focussed on food and looking to market themselves, then I have knowledge and experience that can help you.


If you require guidance or advice on how to create and curate a look and voice for your business, then I can give you that steer. If you are after specific help with the creation of visuals for your online presence or marketing, then I can help. If you dream of writing a first cookbook and don't know where to start and how to shape it, I can assist you towards that goal. Whether you wish to set out on a new adventure or set off in a new direction, or whether you need the confidence and encouragement that you are getting the most from your creative efforts, I'd love to be able to help you. My time is your time, so you get to determine what we discuss. All of my mentoring is Zoom-based, in hour-long sessions. Contact me here if you would like to talk abut how we can work together.

• Wh0 are these sessions for?

* Amateur/start-up photographers keen to get feedback and guidance on their work
* People seeking expert guidance on a look or voice for their online presence (think social media/website/marketing materials)
* People keen to improve a dedicated aspect of their photography or publishing, such as lighting, image editing, food styling, phone functionality, working on Instagram etc.
* Food writers looking to shape book proposals

* Food writers looking for assistance with their writing, recipe structuring

* Anyone looking for encouragement on their path into food photography or food publishing



I started working with the Bar 44 group in 2019, running phone photography training days to help their restaurant teams improve their social media skills and the images they published online. Shortly after that, I began photographing for the group, creating restaurant and menu imagery to complement what they were capturing for social media. With Covid lockdown came the opportunity for Tom, Owen and Natalie to finally find some quiet time to consider the one thing they'd never quite been able to make time for previously – creating a recipe book. I helped them to produce a blad (a small sample booklet to represent what form a book could take). We shot a few sample dishes and I helped to edit the recipes and a few essays to finish the blad to a high quality to present to publishers. We approached several and one of them liked what they saw enough to commission Tom and Owen to write their debut book. Eight shoot days with me behind the camera followed. Then I helped to steward them through 320 pages of editorial process – writing and editing recipes, proofing etc. I had the great pleasure of being able to design the book for them too, working alongside their talented long-time collaborator and illustrator friend, Andi Rivas. Tom, Owen and Natalie had their beautiful book on the food and drink of Spain, and their customers finally had their hands on the recipes they'd been enjoying for years in their restaurants. Saturday Kitchen appearances would follow soon after for Owen and the book remains a firm favourite in their restaurants.

About me


I’m a photographer, art director and designer with a great passion for phone photography and its usefulness for publishing to social media and web and the promotion of your business. I've spent more than 25 years working in food publishing (with one of the country's leading independent food publishers) and working across restaurant and hotel hospitality, from independents to chains, from the cafés to Michelin-starred chefs. I’ve worked with some of the country’s best chefs, foodies and food photographers including household names such as Tom Kerridge, and with well-known food brands such as Marmite and MasterChef. I’ve worked with many brands and individuals to create content exclusively for their Instagram accounts and online sites. I've helped to create books – taking them through the entire publishing process, from a kernel of an idea through commissioning, editorial, design and printing to a physical work sitting on the shelf in a bookstore. I've helped both first-time and established authors self-publish their books. I've been teaching photography and speaking publicly on photography and design for more than seven years and feel that I have a wealth of experience to help and guide people in their own creative food endeavours.

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