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My phone photography workshops are perfect for business people, foodies and bloggers keen to enhance their smart phone photography and for those who want to improve their Instagram presence. They are great for people new to Instagram and also for those who are interested in using the app much more effectively, especially as a business tool to self-promote. These workshops are presented online via Zoom.

I have a great passion for phone photography. I’ve worked with some of the UK’s best chefs, foodies and food photographers during a working life centred around food and food publishing. In my workshops, I aim to convey how powerful smartphone cameras are and the knowledge required to make the most of the phone's features. I teach skills in how to think about light, composition and editing in order to deliver amazing imagery via your phone camera. These workshops aim to enable you to get brilliant results and will also help you improve your engagement and community building on Instagram.

If you are a business interested in training your employees or clients in their photography and the use of Instagram then I can tailor this workshop for you. Contact me here if you would like to discuss these possibilities. I have delivered bespoke workshops and lectures for a range of restaurant and hospitality clients and for National Geographic, Time Out, The Guild of Food Writers, Bord Bia (the food board of Ireland) and The National Hotel Marketing Conference.


Monday 10th June 2024

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£99, with 10% of every ticket price donated to The Trussell Trust



Whilst my photography workshops are based upon foundations of thinking, seeing and doing to improve the general abilities and outcomes for many, mentoring is a teaching model that is flipped around to put the focus squarely on you. My experience spans 25 years spent in book publishing, design and photography, specialising mostly in the food and hospitality space. Whether you are an aspiring photographer, want-to-be food writer or a creative focussed on food and looking to market themselves, then I have knowledge and experience that can help you.


If you require guidance or advice on how to create and curate a look and voice for your business, then I can give you that steer. If you are after specific help with the creation of visuals for your online presence or marketing, then I can help. If you dream of writing a first cookbook and don't know where to start and how to shape it, I can assist you towards that goal. Whether you wish to set out on a new adventure or set off in a new direction, or whether you need the confidence and encouragement that you are getting the most from your creative efforts, I'd love to be able to help you. My time is your time, so you get to determine what we discuss. All of my mentoring is Zoom-based, in hour-long sessions. Take a look to see if you think I can help you.

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